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Nothing better for a real wake up in the morning then an extensive run along the country-side. As it literally takes me 5 minutes to get from my bed into the forest or on the heath fields, this gives an excellent opportunity for running outside. One of my preferred tracks is about 12 km and goes towards 'het Bluk', a welknown little restaurant. The route is shown on my favourite running-site www.endomondo.com . This site can also keep track of your activities by just using your mobile as a GPS unit and sametime acts as a real virtual running and cycling community.
In the past, one of my goals always used to be improving my p.b.'s on various distances (marathon 3:18:54). However, age does take its share, so the main focus is now beiing outside and just enjoying the environment and natures beauty.
Ofcourse Netherlands is well-known for its unstable wether; in summer it can be rainy and grey for weeks, or just as well the complete opposite. However, when you're outside it remarkably does not rain as much as when you would have stayed in.
I have been running on Asics since my first start. Currently I'm using Asics GT-2160, which is a comfortable and light shoe, and the fit is also wide enough. Running socks are always from Falke; perfect fit and best value for money. Shorts and pants can be anything, as long as it is decent.
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Fysics of running.
Since running has become more popular, I think we've see more researches and publications on the item then on rocket sience. From all the articles I've read, here is my -simplyfied- conclusion;